Let me just tell you the truth about the known God of War, Kratos. We all know as the anti-hero, great skills in battle- a ruthless asshole. But there is always a reason why people are who they are today. He was raised by a single mother, had a brother shortly after. These two had a close bond with each other. So into his young adulthood, he became distant and anti-social, the one and many who cared for him ends –up betraying or just left and never came back around. But upon meeting his first wife, it felt like it could go on to a better path, she was one of the women he truly loved. Then later they had a daughter named Calliope. the name is inspiration to his mother. Besides their mother, Callisto- Deimos was all he had and cared for him and trained with him. He was harsh and demanding only to toughen him up for the cold world waiting for them. When his brother was taken from him, a part of him is gone and the anger grew. A father you never knew and left your mother can cause emotional wounds in the heart, full of loneliness and regret. Leave that for now…


Life a a Spartan general was hard when you also have family that you love. Everything was going well until Ares demised a plan to make him into the perfect tool to take down the walls of Olympus by having him slaughtering thousands, coming to his wife and daughter. They were killed by his own hand. Something a man who loves both his wife and daughter. He never forgave himself. Even more cruel and selfish, His trust in everyone was not there. Full of vengeance, sadness, depression, anger, suicide attempts, thoughts. The nightmares will never go away and would drink to forget. Finding the one was the most painful, never to find that true love again. Desperate to find that other half, the destructive nature caused most to be afraid. He lost his mind, incapable to show true feelings to people. He tried to find that support group in Olympus but most weren’t really there. Only to hate and go on a destructive path of pain. He later in his adult life finds out his father is Zeus and quickly dismisses it. For not being there for his mother and you betray your own blood? Who knows why? His blind rage caused to cast hell on earth. As he is released from the chains, trying to end it all together. In an unknown time, he now has a son alongside. Feeling the lost of his daughter, he tries not to get so angry at Atreus. That rage caused him to lose the two people very close. Pandora reminded him of that hope saving him. No one can’t say he wasn’t that bad of a father, but a troubled man of the past. I say to myself, why do I understand this?


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