The bond between the father and son is unlike the other. We see Kratos as the father we always knew before facing the trial of pain and destruction. It’s not like he has difficult time handling a child, it’s actually amazing. When he took responsibility of caring for him, he took it with great honor. He laid down the rules and that was it for the day. Kratos missed the bonding of father and child. He tried not to get close as the nightmares tried to resurface. He was afraid of hurting him. As soon the time will pass, this boy will have to go through major training that requires blood, sweat and tears. But he will not try to take so far. A happy and bright child, this young boy is capable of battle, never participated in fighting and killing others. Atreus sees him as a great father. They spent much moments together that he calls him “father”. Kratos done most of the hunting in the earlier days they met, so that means Kratos remarried another woman (NOT HIS MOTHER) this woman did the majority of also hunting and preparing the food (taught Kratos how to properly skin and clean the food, taking organs out, which is easy in his way). There might have been questions he wanted answered… and Kratos was truly honest in not leaving anything out. No cover ups or anything. Atreus was uneasy after hearing some, it didn’t strain the relationship at all. He knew who this man was and what he did, he hoped Kratos was not afraid of him because of his blood father and mother. What words were told to this boy from his father side of the family (not Kratos)? But still it not faze him. He admired Kratos. He wanted to become like him but did he know what will it take? Prior to this story, some did not see what has on the left side of his face- a scar in the form of the tattoo that is on his father’s face. When disciplined, he views his ways as harsh- he gets mad but does not retaliate. Because he won’t have to whoop your butt. Kratos as a father does not take it lightly when his children upset him. Well, he would be much easier on his girls. He really loves his father too. He can say that without complication. Does he expect more children? Who knows?


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