Just hear me out…


I remember that confrontation almost four years ago. The two was drifting apart and had nothing to do with each other. I was just a young child, did not have a say of how I felt. The first several years of my life, I was in the hold of my father’s legacy, never to go so far without the permission to do so. But as my mother was given that chance, it was just me and her. We did say goodbye, just not enough time. The angel took me into her arms while the Ghost of Sparta fought them off. I did not know if she was killed that day or finally found some hope of freedom. As I was brought into my new home, it was dark as night, lit with the candles to brighten to front. Then I became son of parents on the path to redemption. My mother is the most wonderful and strong, I could see her capability into her eyes, but not to be fooled with. My father is not to ever cross, when angered- the fire is set… but, a caring and loving person. I have already known what he was done, I been knowing it for six years. I still admire him for the greatest works, fought battles then as a brave man. That great admiration will cause the greatest consequence. Back to the first few days, I was instructed not to participate in battles at all. I followed all rules, did chores- the most was left to my parents. At times, I was sent to my mother’s family home to protect me from the ongoing war. He took this action because he knew I wasn’t ready yet. My father is yet very harsh, demanding and I do not understand sometimes… He told me many stories throughout his whole life without holding back. If I asked for anything, he’ll give me his honest answer or it depends. People said things that he has done- he has things you don’t agree with but being a father is one of his greatest possessions in life.


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