and if anyone speculating that I think Kratos is the Norse God, that not what I meant. It’s doesn’t happen yet. By this story, he has to find and kill him or he will be killed. You kill that Thor-looking motherfucker, he will become the Norse God. You just don’t pluck the son of the Norse God out of HIS rule. Once Kratos killed his father Zeus, and you took HIS son, He’s coming after YOU, HIS WIFE, and Atreus BIRTHMOTHER. The Olympian and Norse God sorta had a peace treaty until Zeus was killed by his son. Then within a few years later, the mother didn’t want him anymore and left him, taking Atreus with her. She got tired of his corrupted ways of power, for most of Atreus life. the Norse God was not having that- either you STAY here OR DIE. She took the risk of doing that. The person that knew his mother close, sensed her trouble like before. Kratos took part of fighting him and his guards off, The wife had the chance to go past every guard and retrieve the boy, and the mother was at the time arguing and fighting with the Norse God. Kratos and the wife stepped in on time, Kratos fought both the Norse God and his faculty staff, while the wife hid them somewhere in the hidden place for a short time, Because they was not going to stop killing anyone who got in the way of him and his son. The Norse God hates Kratos and is every jealous of him, because Atreus admires the Spartan Warrior greatly. Oh and not to mention, you copied the style and the power similar to his hammer? He IS PISSED. The BIRTHMOTHER handed custody over to the sudden NEW MOTHER (with Kratos being a father for the second time) with those last 3 – 5 minutes, the deal was done. The wife immediately had to escape with the boy- Kratos has to make it just in time to catch up with his wife and the boy so he can fight off anyone in the way, their escape can succeed. the BIRTHMOTHER had to fake her death so the Norse God won’t come looking for her. She is able to be free at the moment and prepare. The Norse God finds her alive at the same time at the beginning of this chapter. at the beginning of this chapter, before Kratos and Atreus walked into that camping ground fighting those undead Vikings. The birthmother was watching them at certain times whenever she could, but not much from being detected. While the Kratos and the wife transported Atreus between locations to protect him. Kratos prevented the boy from fighting, from the beginning of his guardianship until a few months ago. Atreus was involved in a incident that caused the scar on his face, Kratos then had a episode (still recovering) that followed. Atreus great admiration caused him. I can’t answer for the wife. She’s no goddess, she did what she can to put that man back on his feet. His son represents Calliope. But don’t take my theories with a grain of salt. It’s only for those who really know.


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