Becoming the Warrior.

and if anyone speculating that I think Kratos is the Norse God, that not what I meant. It’s doesn’t happen yet. By this story, he has to find and kill him or he will be killed. You kill that Thor-looking motherfucker, he will become the Norse God. You just don’t pluck the son of the Norse God out of HIS rule. Once Kratos killed his father Zeus, and you took HIS son, He’s coming after YOU, HIS WIFE, and Atreus BIRTHMOTHER. The Olympian and Norse God sorta had a peace treaty until Zeus was killed by his son. Then within a few years later, the mother didn’t want him anymore and left him, taking Atreus with her. She got tired of his corrupted ways of power, for most of Atreus life. the Norse God was not having that- either you STAY here OR DIE. She took the risk of doing that. The person that knew his mother close, sensed her trouble like before. Kratos took part of fighting him and his guards off, The wife had the chance to go past every guard and retrieve the boy, and the mother was at the time arguing and fighting with the Norse God. Kratos and the wife stepped in on time, Kratos fought both the Norse God and his faculty staff, while the wife hid them somewhere in the hidden place for a short time, Because they was not going to stop killing anyone who got in the way of him and his son. The Norse God hates Kratos and is every jealous of him, because Atreus admires the Spartan Warrior greatly. Oh and not to mention, you copied the style and the power similar to his hammer? He IS PISSED. The BIRTHMOTHER handed custody over to the sudden NEW MOTHER (with Kratos being a father for the second time) with those last 3 – 5 minutes, the deal was done. The wife immediately had to escape with the boy- Kratos has to make it just in time to catch up with his wife and the boy so he can fight off anyone in the way, their escape can succeed. the BIRTHMOTHER had to fake her death so the Norse God won’t come looking for her. She is able to be free at the moment and prepare. The Norse God finds her alive at the same time at the beginning of this chapter. at the beginning of this chapter, before Kratos and Atreus walked into that camping ground fighting those undead Vikings. The birthmother was watching them at certain times whenever she could, but not much from being detected. While the Kratos and the wife transported Atreus between locations to protect him. Kratos prevented the boy from fighting, from the beginning of his guardianship until a few months ago. Atreus was involved in a incident that caused the scar on his face, Kratos then had a episode (still recovering) that followed. Atreus great admiration caused him. I can’t answer for the wife. She’s no goddess, she did what she can to put that man back on his feet. His son represents Calliope. But don’t take my theories with a grain of salt. It’s only for those who really know.


God of War journal entry #1 7/24/17 – 7/27/17

*(Thank you so much for understanding. I been through many things in life, that’s why I haven’t been typing in so long. Now, with very eager observants- I decided to release it. Much will not be told because it relates to the upcoming God of War. I did edited her name out. That will be revealed in the future. I will post more entries if you like, I appreciate your feedback).


I didn’t want to allow them to have that love making scene earlier. Do you know why? (Second wife) did have sexual relations with other men and not yet Kratos, whom were involved with sensually. That was my original thought. The conflict has got me so confused. So I decided to write about their first time together in bed, for over the last two weeks. It will happen before that tragic moment, with her being eighteen at the time. I am currently writing it. I lost my pen and need to find it.


I found the pen in my bookbag. As soon my little one goes to sleep, I can write.




Feeling paralyzed and unable to move out of the bed, he felt helpless, looking up to the ceiling- out of breath.




She knew who he was before being entitled the Ghost of Sparta. That is why she is not thrown off by his white ash covered skin, she always loved him despite his past with women, which she hates.



God of War, [From the beginning…]

I am not much of a writer, my words are in my head. It is the code I live by ever since my coming of age. It is what I taught the soldiers, the warriors- bound to secrecy. To fight, stand tall in battle when facing death. Every word released from me without permission speaks of betrayal. Born somewhere on this land, I was raised by a single mother of two sons in Sparta. No father of ours were ever there. I didn’t care of his name or where he was. Back then, I did care. Other children asked me of the whereabouts, I did not know, I was the subject of humiliation every moment…


Kratos: Mother?


Callisto: Yes Kratos?


Kratos: Where’s my father?


Callisto: … Well… I do not know of that my son.


Kratos: Do you know my father’s name?


Callisto: My dear son…What is going on with all of the questions? Is something wrong?


Kratos: Yes mother… I was playing with other children and it went well like I could play all day. Then, they asked me of him. I didn’t know what to say, they made fun of me…


Tears starts to fall from his face… His mother grabbed him close, hugging him…


Callisto: Do not cry my son… It is okay… In life we cannot understand why it has happened. He left for an unknown reason and it could not be stopped. All that matters is a mother who loves her sons and will do anything within her heart to take care of them, with loving hands and emotionally.


From that day, I never asked her about it again, though it ran through my mind.


I have always loved my mother. It showed differently in my way. The anger that stored inside me of my absent father caused me to even blame my mother. Did she have her own faults to make him run off for no reason? Is he incapable emotionally or physically? What is his name? Where was he now? I know what I have of my mother, what did I inherited from him? Still I loved her. An extraordinary woman that makes ends meet. One day when a special someone comes into my life, I would want her to be like Callisto… Finding love again was so hard, to understand. She spent a short time with one man, I and Deimos never spent an actual relationship with him. Over the next generation and a decade of my life- these last two will impact my life, of a good and bad influence…

10 things you may not know or have known about Kratos

We all known this character many years in the making. We know most things, but there is a lot more than you were unaware of. Let me reveal in my own way…


  1. Kratos was currently 48 years old at the time by God of War III’s end.


  1. He is approximately 270 or 290 pounds. This is quite an argument regarding this, but okay! At least we can agree on 297… So that means by God of War IV, he is now 305 pounds, gaining 15 by the looks of it- or 312 pounds.


  1. He loves to taunt certain people (like the ones he don’t like, he hates), including scaring the living shit out of them, that also goes for loved ones and people that he interacts with. This still carries with him from childhood to adulthood.


  1. Demonstrates great determination and perseverance. From birth, many obstacles were thrown at him for a reason. It’s how he dealt with it, taking him to another level. It is in his spirit. He shows sadness, anger, disappointment in these course of actions, but somehow by encouragement of others or his own words and actions, he rises above it.


  1. This is another amazing fact that Kratos has multiple heterochromia (that’s when one or two of the iris changes colors). His original eyes are colored brown from birth. This may never be agreed. But observing them throughout all of the games I’ve watched- and I did over and over again for the past six years. These colors are:


  • Almond brown
  • Reddish-brown
  • Orange
  • Sunset Orange
  • Tangerine Orange
  • Golden Yellow
  • Greenish-Yellow
  • Dark forest Green
  • Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Grey Black
  • Blackish-Grey

I know! It’s crazy! If you don’t believe me, watch it yourselves! By sunlight, they appear to be lighter in color. His eyes are darker by each color from his strong personality.

  1. Being a former General of his army, he moved up a few positions to being a God. So that being known, he held the title of Supreme commander, which being the current King of Sparta.


  1. He is known to solve puzzles, mathematical, and word problems by observation. An eager reader to learn everything by reading. But having a passion for writing- without actually doing it. What the hell is up with that?


  1. He suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, causing him to have episodes. A lot of them.


  1. Kratos is not ever heard or seen at all being a blacksmith, but how I may know? Clues throughout the series holds many secrets and the interactions with people he has known. If he can carve out some damn toys and a flute, which he is a professional craftsman, also an artist, he can put that into creation. I have a feeling he made that axe by his own hand.


  1. Besides his negative emotions displayed in the series, there he barely shows his warm-heartiness. Often misunderstood. To his daughter, former wife, anybody he ever cares for. He struggles to find that human part about himself. It was not a big problem. The ways of the country, in his life made it that way.

Goddess of the Hunt

Artemis was a popular and widely-worshiped deity across the Hellenic world. Besides hunting, she ruled over forests and wild beasts, archery and disease. She was also a protector of young and unmarried women.

When the Titan Leto found safe haven on Delos to give birth, Artemis was born first. The young goddess immediately assisted her mother with the birth of her twin Apollo, and from then on she assumed the role of Goddess of Childbirth.


Artemis from God of War wiki

I remember that confrontation almost four years ago.

Just hear me out…


I remember that confrontation almost four years ago. The two was drifting apart and had nothing to do with each other. I was just a young child, did not have a say of how I felt. The first several years of my life, I was in the hold of my father’s legacy, never to go so far without the permission to do so. But as my mother was given that chance, it was just me and her. We did say goodbye, just not enough time. The angel took me into her arms while the Ghost of Sparta fought them off. I did not know if she was killed that day or finally found some hope of freedom. As I was brought into my new home, it was dark as night, lit with the candles to brighten to front. Then I became son of parents on the path to redemption. My mother is the most wonderful and strong, I could see her capability into her eyes, but not to be fooled with. My father is not to ever cross, when angered- the fire is set… but, a caring and loving person. I have already known what he was done, I been knowing it for six years. I still admire him for the greatest works, fought battles then as a brave man. That great admiration will cause the greatest consequence. Back to the first few days, I was instructed not to participate in battles at all. I followed all rules, did chores- the most was left to my parents. At times, I was sent to my mother’s family home to protect me from the ongoing war. He took this action because he knew I wasn’t ready yet. My father is yet very harsh, demanding and I do not understand sometimes… He told me many stories throughout his whole life without holding back. If I asked for anything, he’ll give me his honest answer or it depends. People said things that he has done- he has things you don’t agree with but being a father is one of his greatest possessions in life.

The bond between the father and son…

The bond between the father and son is unlike the other. We see Kratos as the father we always knew before facing the trial of pain and destruction. It’s not like he has difficult time handling a child, it’s actually amazing. When he took responsibility of caring for him, he took it with great honor. He laid down the rules and that was it for the day. Kratos missed the bonding of father and child. He tried not to get close as the nightmares tried to resurface. He was afraid of hurting him. As soon the time will pass, this boy will have to go through major training that requires blood, sweat and tears. But he will not try to take so far. A happy and bright child, this young boy is capable of battle, never participated in fighting and killing others. Atreus sees him as a great father. They spent much moments together that he calls him “father”. Kratos done most of the hunting in the earlier days they met, so that means Kratos remarried another woman (NOT HIS MOTHER) this woman did the majority of also hunting and preparing the food (taught Kratos how to properly skin and clean the food, taking organs out, which is easy in his way). There might have been questions he wanted answered… and Kratos was truly honest in not leaving anything out. No cover ups or anything. Atreus was uneasy after hearing some, it didn’t strain the relationship at all. He knew who this man was and what he did, he hoped Kratos was not afraid of him because of his blood father and mother. What words were told to this boy from his father side of the family (not Kratos)? But still it not faze him. He admired Kratos. He wanted to become like him but did he know what will it take? Prior to this story, some did not see what has on the left side of his face- a scar in the form of the tattoo that is on his father’s face. When disciplined, he views his ways as harsh- he gets mad but does not retaliate. Because he won’t have to whoop your butt. Kratos as a father does not take it lightly when his children upset him. Well, he would be much easier on his girls. He really loves his father too. He can say that without complication. Does he expect more children? Who knows?

God of War, Kratos #1 (Written ver.)

Let me just tell you the truth about the known God of War, Kratos. We all know as the anti-hero, great skills in battle- a ruthless asshole. But there is always a reason why people are who they are today. He was raised by a single mother, had a brother shortly after. These two had a close bond with each other. So into his young adulthood, he became distant and anti-social, the one and many who cared for him ends –up betraying or just left and never came back around. But upon meeting his first wife, it felt like it could go on to a better path, she was one of the women he truly loved. Then later they had a daughter named Calliope. the name is inspiration to his mother. Besides their mother, Callisto- Deimos was all he had and cared for him and trained with him. He was harsh and demanding only to toughen him up for the cold world waiting for them. When his brother was taken from him, a part of him is gone and the anger grew. A father you never knew and left your mother can cause emotional wounds in the heart, full of loneliness and regret. Leave that for now…


Life a a Spartan general was hard when you also have family that you love. Everything was going well until Ares demised a plan to make him into the perfect tool to take down the walls of Olympus by having him slaughtering thousands, coming to his wife and daughter. They were killed by his own hand. Something a man who loves both his wife and daughter. He never forgave himself. Even more cruel and selfish, His trust in everyone was not there. Full of vengeance, sadness, depression, anger, suicide attempts, thoughts. The nightmares will never go away and would drink to forget. Finding the one was the most painful, never to find that true love again. Desperate to find that other half, the destructive nature caused most to be afraid. He lost his mind, incapable to show true feelings to people. He tried to find that support group in Olympus but most weren’t really there. Only to hate and go on a destructive path of pain. He later in his adult life finds out his father is Zeus and quickly dismisses it. For not being there for his mother and you betray your own blood? Who knows why? His blind rage caused to cast hell on earth. As he is released from the chains, trying to end it all together. In an unknown time, he now has a son alongside. Feeling the lost of his daughter, he tries not to get so angry at Atreus. That rage caused him to lose the two people very close. Pandora reminded him of that hope saving him. No one can’t say he wasn’t that bad of a father, but a troubled man of the past. I say to myself, why do I understand this?